Your partner for electronic components

ixlogic – the official line distributor of leading manufacturers since 1992. With more than 20 years’ experience, we are your reliable and competent contact partner for worldwide procurement and global sourcing of electronic components and modules. A unique partner network combined with established expertise enable us to offer you a comprehensive range of services from one single source.

Support, quality and reliability are at the forefront for us. Therefore it is a matter of course that we are certified according ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

Since our jubilee year 2012, ixlogic has been represented with a branch in Austria. Because we are located close to our customers, we are able to support you with short-term assistance in the field.

How can we help you? Get in contact with us, we would love to offer you support!

Your success – our line distribution

We are the official line distributor of selected, leading manufacturers. We support our customers from the evaluation of initial sampling and prototype phase to serial production of their products. Our experience and our finest technical support mean significant advantages for our customers – and for the success of their products.

We are your competent contact partner for tailor-made customer solutions. In close cooperation with you and our suppliers, we work out outstanding solutions for devices and systems. Our personal service and our know how are your guarantee to ensure that any requirements regarding cost effectiveness and quality are fulfilled. This leads to innovative products like Powerfox, the intelligent energy management for your electronic fleet.

Global sourcing – unique partner network

For our customers, we take over the entire procurement process. High traceability, RoHS and REACH are self-evident for us. Our service is supplemented by our device programming service and our own in house laser marking. All this is topped off with tailored, just in time deliveries.

Due to a strong long lasting network of partners all over the world, you benefit from short-term delivery and competitive prices.

All complemented through the following supplementary services:

  • buffer stock
  • consignment stock
  • nitrogen warehouse
  • device programming
  • laser marking
  • customized logistics
  • just-in-time delivery

Our range of service is addressed at:

  • Medical Electronic
  • Machine Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Security Technology
  • Industrial Electronic
  • Control Engineering
  • Contract Manufacturer (Electronic Manufacturing Services)

Thanks to our unique partner network, you not only profit from attractive prices and delivery lead times, but also from our ability to procure cutting edge components. We maintain especially close ties and long lasting cooperation with the following partners:


  • JAPAN, Tokyo, Shinjuku-Ku
  • SOUTH KOREA, Seoul, Youngdeungpo-Ku
  • TAIWAN, Taipei, R.O.C.

USA, Canada:

  • FLORIDA, Melbourne
  • CALIFORNIA, Goleta
  • VIRGINIA, Arlington
  • QUEBEC, Point-Claire

Customer Relations

Intensive and personal customer support plays a major part in our company’s philosophy. The quality of our extensive support is guaranteed by the know-how of each of our employees. We can offer our customers spare parts that are hard to find outside our own range or small merchandise quantities at a fair price.


A transparent communication policy is the basis for personal contact with our customers as well as suppliers.

Supplier Relations

Our customers’ wishes are as varied as our supplier relations are international. Proverbial globalization is not just a thing of the future for us, but is already a thing of the present.


We can serve you up to 90% from our own warehouse and in special cases we can serve you from back up warehouses on site. With shipping and direct collection of goods at airports or from suppliers, we can guarantee you a short response time even when time gets really tight.

Quality Management

Our service standard is certified for over 20 years according ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015.

Technical Support

Whether for technical advice in design issues or for the substitution of spare types (2nd source), we are available to customers and developers on site at any time. Furthermore we forward you samples of our products.

Visions and Dreams

So that our customers can make their visions and dreams come true, we are expanding our highly efficient service daily. Our products, supplies and after sales service grow with our customers’ demands.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us – we would love to give you personal advice and detailed information!